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Kidney Beam – helping kidney patients feel good

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Kidney Beam - helping kidney patients feel good

Kidney patients need our support now

Sandra Currie, chief executive of Kidney Research UK explains: “When the team from Kings College Hospital asked us to support this pilot, we could see enormous potential of the project, and were delighted to respond quickly.  Right now, it is more important than ever to give kidney patients options to keep moving and explore new ways to maintain good mental health.

“We know that keeping active makes us feel good, but when you’re living with a long-term condition like kidney disease, it’s not always easy. Kidney Beam gives you the chance to take control of your mental and physical wellbeing, at your own pace, with guidance (if needed) from people who understand the complexities of kidney health.”

Kidney Beam appeals to many

The online platform is hosted by specialist kidney professionals – from renal physiotherapists to renal counsellors – from a number of different NHS trusts and backgrounds, as well as people living with kidney disease. And it has broad appeal – it’s aimed at anyone over 16, with any ability, any kidney condition, and at any stage of kidney disease.

All classes have a fitness rating so you can choose the right one for you. At the beginning and end of the classes you can chat to each other and the instructors, and building new friendships might help you to stay motivated.

Sharlene Greenwood, consultant physiotherapist in renal and exercise rehabilitation at King’s College Hospital leads the team that have brought the UK-wide team together.

“During lockdown I became increasingly worried about my patients with kidney disease who were shielding at home,” she commented. “There were real concerns about physical and mental wellbeing, and many patients reported missing coming to our renal rehab classes that we offer at King’s College Hospital, and having that interaction with people. At the time, I was also working on the frontline and seeing many patients with kidney disease who had been admitted to hospital with COVID-19. The rehabilitation needs for this patient group was very apparent. Kidney Beam is an excellent opportunity to bring something novel and exciting to the kidney community at a time when it is most needed.”

Get involved and help us shape the platform

“We think the platform will give patients an easy, fun way to improve their health by bringing the experts, friends and health studio to them, wherever they are,” said Sandra. “And the more people who join, the more evidence we will have to help secure the platform’s future to benefit all.”

You can sign up and find out more on the Kidney Beam website.

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