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Life inside the lab – Kidney Research UK

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Life inside the lab - Kidney Research UK

The last few months gave us all time to reflect and to review what was really important in our lives. Whether that was spending time with family, taking better care of your mental health or taking up a hobby. One thing that never stopped being important was the continuation of our research.

Scientists throughout the width and breadth of the country made the extremely hard decision to down tools in the effort to fight coronavirus. Whilst the world was put on pause, our funded scientists refused to stop searching for a cure.

This curiosity is the biggest drive to medical breakthroughs, and we knew that we had to keep research going. With your help, we did just that.

Now, after our scientists have taken over the virtual world of science, they are returning to their universities and laboratories. They are returning to their clinics and they’re starting to see you again.

But what does the world look like for our researchers now?

Hear from some of our researchers below.

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