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Statement of intent: shielding for people with kidney disease

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Statement of intent: shielding for people with kidney disease

The British Renal Society (BRS) and the Renal Association (RA) welcome and support the statement from the English and Welsh governments confirming that they are supportive of shielded patients now leaving their homes once per day, whilst maintaining social distancing.  We recognise the challenges with providing a consistent message across the devolved nations and are committed to working with colleagues in all parts of the UK to provide patients with the most up to date and evidence based guidance.

The BRS and RA recognise the significant constraints of full shielding and would like to thank our patients with kidney disease who have been advised to shield and have helped so much during this period of strain on the NHS.

We appreciate the difficulties particularly with mental health for both staff and patients and welcome continued government and peer support in this area.

All in the renal community acknowledge the significant vulnerability of the renal population (particularly those receiving dialysis and immunosuppression therapy and our frailer older patients).

The BRS and RA therefore support a cautious, choice-based approach to a gradual release of shielding measures.  We recognise that there will be a COVID -19 risk for the foreseeable future, which will mean working in partnership with our patients to understand and minimise levels of risk.

We are committed to working with renal units to minimise the risk associated with clinical kidney care.

We are establishing an expert group to develop more nuanced guidance specifically for Kidney patients that can be used to complement government guidance.

We are committed to working with NHSE, the DHSC, CMO offices in each country (including via the Royal College of Physicians) and with other specialist societies to provide patients with the best guidance.  We will work alongside our colleagues in the kidney charity sector to ensure we understand the needs and concerns of people with Kidney Disease and communicate recommendations on a regular basis.

Dr Katie Vinen Karen Jenkins
Chair of Clinical Services, RA BRS Vice President Clinical Practice
Dr Graham Lipkin Dr Sharlene Greenwood
President, RA President, BRS
Prof Paul Cockwell
Clinical Vice President, RA



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