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Today’s Kidney Diet Summer Eats Cookbook is Ready!

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Today's Kidney Diet Summer Eats Cookbook is Ready!

The lazy days of summer may inspire you to make simple meals that don’t require much fuss in the kitchen. The newest Today’s Kidney Diet Summer Eats cookbook may provide the answer to “What should I make today?” This cookbook features dinner favorites like All American Meatloaf, Coleslaw and Quick Pan-Glazed Chicken. For lunch, try a Tortilla Beef Rollup or Southwest Tuna Salad. And to start your day, try Strawberry-Chia Overnight Oats or Microwave Egg and Veggie Jars. And for snacking there’s No Bake Peanutty Oat Bars or Popcorn 3 Ways—yum!

My favorite two recipes in this cookbook are
Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies and No Bake Peanutty Oat Bars. Both are
easy to make and can be wrapped and stored for a quick breakfast or snack. I
was amazed at how easy it was to make a protein bar that is just as tasty as
the ones I usually buy—or maybe even better!

In addition to the 14 recipes n Summer Eats you’ll
find the answer to why beans, oats and peanut butter are more acceptable in
today’s kidney diet compared to the more restricted past kidney diets.  Get tips on prepping foods to save time and
decrease food waste, along with tips for organizing your pantry. Plus, learn
how to create your personal “go-to-meals” plan.

Download your free copy of Today’s Kidney Diet Summer Eats cookbook today and start exploring the recipes and resources. And enjoy discovering some simple summer eats!

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